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About Me

Know More About Me

Oh Hi there,

I'm Ji Young Ahn, but you can also call me Ji! 
I'm a Industrial design major and HCI minor at Carnegie Mellon University.
I am currently seeking for a full-time job.
Enjoy my website and please feel free to contact me!

Design is a universal language and
design empowers us to change people’s behavior.
Small parts of design matters; a small part of a material can change the whole feeling of the product, and a misplaced button can cause the failure to appropriately interact with the user.
Small changes in design can enhance the products’ value and
small changes in design can make products’ last longer.
These small changes in design, no matter how minimal it is,
can even have a quality life, quality experience and quality object.


'Empathy' is the key factor of design. Understanding user needs changes the quality of design.

Design Thinking

Well-build design thinking process can help us to encounter new problems and brings us better solution.

Creative Research

New ways of research can motivate both testers and designers and provides meaningful findings.

Here are the things

that I'm obsessed with

CAT (Especially my only cat ggomang)

I have an American shorthair black cat named Ggomang, and I love to bother her 24/7.


Minions are my favorite character. I have more than 50 mini minion figures at my apartment.

Electronic devices

I always tend to carry either my laptop and my cellphone with me.